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Double Your Impact for Sea Otters

Sea otters like Langly need all the help they can get. Threats like entanglement and disease are pushing sea otters closer to the brink of extinction. But you can make a difference with your matched gift.

While we have the expertise to treat sick and injured sea otters, your help is needed to provide the meals and meds an animal needs for a second chance. And today, you can provide double the care.

Your matched support will help heal a sea otter, giving this threatened population a chance one animal at a time.

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southern sea otter Langly
Weddell seal on the ice

Marine Mammal Monday: Animals of the Antarctic

Ages: 8-11 years old

  • Malnutrition
  • Species conservation
  • Climate change
Virtual Program

This month we celebrate the animals that are the champions of the cold: animals of the Antarctic. Tune in to learn more about marine mammals in the Antarctic -- what they eat, where they live and how they survive those freezing temperatures!

Want to dive even deeper? Try this hands-on ice melting activity best suited for ages 7 and up to discover how Antarctic ice affects the coastal areas near you! You will learn how ice impacts patients like Madeleine, the northern elephant seal! There’s an answer key after you complete it to help you with the activity questions.

species conservation
climate change
Upper elementary
8 years
9 years
10 years
11 years

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