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hand holding a megaphone with the words "climate change"

Stewardship Saturday: Communicating Climate Change

Ages: 13-18 years old

  • Climate change
  • Marine science careers
Virtual Program

Spreading the word about climate change can be intimidating. Watch this recorded version of our Stewardship Saturday event to join our award-winning educators and other passionate youth to talk about shared experiences communicating about this issue and advocating for action. You'll learn researched, practiced and proven techniques for talking about climate change to make impactful change for our shared ocean ecosystems. 

We invite you to also complete the climate story referenced in the recording and email it to us at or submit it with the reflection survey where you can capture how you can get involved in ocean conservation in your community. We also invite you to share your feedback with us on this and upcoming events. 

screenshot of Stewardship Saturday: Communicating Climate Change event

climate change
marine science careers
High School
13 years
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18 years

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