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Two California sea lion pups in the water

Stewardship Saturday: Ocean Optimism

Ages: 13-18 years old

  • Species conservation
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable seafood
Virtual Program

Stewardship and conservation can be both inspiring and exhausting, especially when we’re bombarded with sensationalized and often negative news stories. In honor of World Oceans Day in June, watch this recorded version of our Stewardship Saturday: Ocean Optimism event celebrating incredible positive achievements in ocean conservation as well as discuss and practice tools that will help us continue to find and maintain the joy in being ocean stewards.

We encourage you to reflect on the experience and capture how you can sustain your stewardship, as well as provide feedback on this event by filling out our survey.

screenshot of Stewardship Saturday: Ocean Optimism event

species conservation
climate change
sustainable seafood
High School
13 years
14 years
15 years
16 years
17 years
18 years

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