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Ocean Policy Webinar Series

Join The Marine Mammal Center for its Ocean Policy Webinar Series that is bringing attention to our ocean, climate change, and the public policy decisions needed to make a difference. 

The series will be moderated by award-winning journalist and former host of CNN Newsroom, Carol Costello, and will feature experts in ocean policy, advocacy and conservation.

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A Toxic Legacy: DDT Dumping in the Ocean

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Environmental advocates were stunned by the discovery of potentially half a million barrels of DDT, a now-banned insecticide, off the coast of Los Angeles. Join us for a webinar focused on the effects of this disaster on our ocean and marine mammals, and what the future looks like for clean-up and accountability.

The webinar will feature the scientists who discovered the barrels from UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. They’ll be joined by experts from the Center who have been at the forefront of cancer research in California sea lions, linked to pollutants including DDT.

The webinar will be moderated by Los Angeles Times’ Rosanna Xia, whose reporting on the DDT dumping broke the news wide open on the biggest environmental controversy at large today.

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What the 2020 Election Means for Climate Change and Our Ocean

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With the 2020 election cycle in the rearview mirror, you may be wondering what a new administration means for the future of Federal policy on combatting climate change and helping the ocean’s health. Listen to panelists Governor Jay Inslee, Congressmember Karen Bass, and Congressmember Jared Huffman as they discuss what the election results mean for ocean policy. Conversation moderated by former journalist Carol Costello.

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Climate Change and Capitalism: A Critical Intersection

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Global climate change is one of the defining issues facing marine mammals and the ocean. We have long seen the effects and risks posed by climate change on marine mammals, including impacts on marine mammal health, frequency of severe weather events, and the disruption of ecosystem balance that contributes to disease and habitat loss. This webinar will include corporate sustainability experts and advocates to discuss the effects of climate change on the ocean and marine mammals, and what steps must be taken to solve these extraordinary challenges.

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