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Your Impact Will Go Twice as Far for a Pup

Do you notice all those folds of skin? They tell a heartbreaking story of a pup far too thin. 

Right now, there’s a $5,000 gift match waiting for the pups, and your support is needed to unlock it. 

Yes, your $5 = $10 today, meaning you can provide double the fish meals for a pup like Horseshoe. 

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elephant seal pup Horseshoe
Sara Smith

Sara Smith, M.A.

Senior Project Manager, Impact & Innovation

My goal is to inspire and empower people to take care of the ocean because alone none of us can make a very big difference in ocean health. By working together, we have the power to make our impact on the ocean a positive one.

Sara Smith’s passion for ocean conservation is core to the thousands of teachers, students and families The Marine Mammal Center reaches every year. Sara takes great joy and pride in the seamless combination of research and education at the Center, where she can fully employ her experiences and passions for these two highly dynamic fields.

Sara has worked in environmental education for over 10 years and has engaged a wide variety of audiences throughout that time. She holds a Master of Arts in Zoology and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. During her tenure at the Denver Zoo and as a graduate student of Miami University’s Global Field Program, she specialized in connecting youth with ocean conservation no matter their distance from the coast. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management and Impact Evaluation
  • Youth Programs and Engagement
  • STEM and Place-based Learning
  • Ocean Literacy and Conservation Education
  • School and Community Partnerships

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