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Media and Filming Requests

Thank you for your interest in The Marine Mammal Center. Our experts are available to do media interviews on topics including ocean conservation, marine mammal health, marine mammal research, climate change, science education, volunteer programs and more.

All media requests must go through our PR Department at or by calling 415-849-1270.

As a working hospital, advance notice is required before visiting any of our locations so that we can make your time as efficient as possible. Unannounced media visits may not be granted. The Marine Mammal Center reserves the right to deny requests and cancel at any time if it is not in the best interest of the patients, staff or volunteers.

Dr. Cara Field talks to a reporter on camera

On-site Media Etiquette

The Center’s number one priority is the safety of its staff, volunteers and patients. All media will have a Center escort through the duration of the visit. Reporters, photographers and videographers must obey all onsite safety guidelines:

  • The patient’s needs come first.
  • The Center reserves the right to limit or exclude the use of its patients.
  • Animals cannot be manipulated or moved for media purposes.
  • Staff is there to care for the animals and cannot set up specific shots on the fly.
  • Customized images must be pre-arranged and may not always be possible.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage requires advanced authorization and is directed by Center staff.

Additional Requests

Images and B-roll

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If you are looking for images of the Center or b-roll for non-commercial use, please email or call (415) 289-7361, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Commercial Filming

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Want to film here? The Marine Mammal Center’s mission extends to all members of the media. The Center is generally not available for commercial filming unrelated to our nonprofit mission. Requests to film and photograph at the Center will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Taking photos or video onsite for commercial purposes, including for stock images, advertising and merchandise, is prohibited without prior authorization from the Public Relations department.

If you want to film at the Center, please email us at for more information. NOTE: We require at least two weeks advance notice to accommodate most filming requests.

We are rarely able to accommodate requests to shoot pilot TV programs, student films or unsold documentaries or films. We do not provide use of Center-owned images for stock photography purposes.

Location Fees

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Special photo and filming requests require extra staff time and interrupt routine operations. Fees are charged to offset these costs to our small staff.

The following location fees apply to commercial crews who wish to use any of The Marine Mammal Center’s locations as a venue, or use of facility, animals and/or staff (onsite or offsite) to film all or part of feature films, documentaries, television advertisements, television series, music videos, photo shoots, print advertisements, etc. 

Full day (0-8 hours): $5,000
Additional hours: $500 per hour

Full day (0-8 hours): $2,500
Additional hours: $250 per hour

The Center will provide up to two staff representatives during filming at no additional fee; any additional staff needed will be subject to an hourly fee per staff member. 

Location fees are determined by several factors, such as the intent of the project, its potential impact on the Center, the potential promotional value to the Center, the amount of support required by the Center and the extent to which rights to the final product are shared with the Center.

This fee schedule is a benchmark against which all projects will be evaluated. Depending on the details of the project and potential impact to the Center, the site fees may be quoted higher or lower than the standard schedule. Any changes will be discussed and agreed upon before any agreement is signed.

Advertising Inquiries

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Contact us at Due to the number of inquiries we receive, we cannot guarantee a response.

Sponsorship Inquiries

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Learn more about opportunities to build a dynamic and impactful partnership with The Marine Mammal Center.

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