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A Sick Patient Needs You Today

Sea otter Pip was in trouble. Battling a potentially deadly parasite, she desperately needed help to survive. It’s kind people like you who make second chances possible for animals like Pip. Will you give hope to a struggling patient and get your gift matched dollar-for-dollar today?

Yes, double my gift!

sea otter Pip
Hawaiian monk seal on the beach with surfer in the background

Stewardship Saturday: Tourism & Wildlife

Ages: 13-18 years old

  • Species conservation
  • Marine science careers
Virtual Program

Are you excited to put on your tourist hat again? Rather than returning to “normal,” let’s return to our natural spaces in a way that leaves the lowest impact, especially for the wildlife we share these places with. This form of tourism is known as ecotourism! Whether you have travel plans or not, journey with us as we dive into the world of ecotourism with experts from The Marine Mammal Center and our partners to learn best practices for enjoying outdoor spaces responsibly by watching this recorded version of our Stewardship Saturday: Tourism & Wildlife event.  

We encourage you to reflect on the experience and capture how you can enjoy wildlife sustainably, as well as provide feedback on this event by filling out our survey.

species conservation
marine science careers
High School
13 years
14 years
15 years
16 years
17 years
18 years

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