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Double Your Impact for Sea Otters

Sea otters like Langly need all the help they can get. Threats like entanglement and disease are pushing sea otters closer to the brink of extinction. But you can make a difference with your matched gift.

While we have the expertise to treat sick and injured sea otters, your help is needed to provide the meals and meds an animal needs for a second chance. And today, you can provide double the care.

Your matched support will help heal a sea otter, giving this threatened population a chance one animal at a time.

Get your gift matched
southern sea otter Langly
cover of the Growing Up on Ice Educator Guide

Growing Up on Ice Education Guide: Grades 6-8

Ages: 10-14 years old

  • Behavior
  • Species conservation
  • Climate change
  • Marine science careers

This free, comprehensive Educator Guide is designed for educators to integrate with their classroom learning and is connected with Next Generation Science Standards and Ocean Literacy Principles for learners in grades 6-8.

The Growing Up on Ice project is a collaborative study of Weddell seal development in some of the harshest environments on our planet. In addition to partnering on the research project in Antarctica, the Growing Up on Ice research team and award-winning educators from The Marine Mammal Center have come together to translate the experiences and data from this research into a hands-on learning journey for middle school classrooms.

species conservation
climate change
marine science careers
Middle school
10 years
11 years
12 years
13 years
14 years
educator guide, curriculum, Weddell seals, Antarctica, marine science careers, Next Generation Science Standards, Ocean Literacy Principles, middle school curriculum, learning resources

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