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Patient Success Stories

A Track Record of Innovation, Groundbreaking Advances, and Scientific Inquiry

Patients at The Marine Mammal Center receive the best veterinary care from our trained volunteers and staff because of support from caring people like you. The goal seems simple - to treat the patients and release them back to the wild - yet it is not, given the host of illnesses, human-caused injuries, and deteriorating environmental factors these animals face. We learn an incredible amount from these patients, and many of them have captured our hearts and sparked scientific inquiry. The treatment needs of our patients have led to pioneering work, medical breakthroughs, and significant contributions to veterinary knowledge. Here are just a few of the stories of the patients that we have treated in recent years at the Center, thanks to people like you.

  Solar Snouty  

Hoppie Hāla‘i Beemer Cruise

  Abagnale Agaptimoss  

Angie Cappy Honey Girl

  Baker D Jude  

Lapawi Mike Sterling Archer

  Tui Wildoctric  

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